to-the-POINT has a proven track record of over 20 years in providing a range of end-user documentation for the telecom industry.  Our technical background and expertise in the field enables us to provide complete, cost effective documentation solutions tailored to your equipment type, customer needs, budget and schedule.

Added Value

Added Value
  • Meeting goals - filling your short term documentation needs and working towards your long term documentation goals
  • Professional documents we provide well written documents targeted to your customer's needs
  • Making the most of existing documentation - we lower your costs by improving and making the most of any existing documentation
  • Providing a documentation base - we gradually build you a modular, cost effective documentation base that is easily accessible
  • Cost saving benefits - good documentation improves efficiency of your customer support and of your internal staff training programs, places your product in the best light and increases reliability of design and maintenance

Why Us

Why Us
  • Excellence - our documentation is designed to allow your customers to get the information they need quickly and easily, improving customer satisfaction with your products.
  • Technical Background - technical hands-on background enables our team to analyze R&D documents and work independently, freeing your engineers’ valuable time.
  • Experience - our years of experience in writing technical documentation allows us to provide you with effective documentation, targeted to the designated audience.
  • End-to-End Coverage - we provide ALL your documentation needs, from User Manuals, Datasheets and Whitepapers to small translations.

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How to Enhance Findability
To allow users to quickly find relevant information in the User Manual while avoiding frustration, make sure the writer's key words will be the ones the user will use for searching.